Modular Exponentiation — Asked in Google Interview

Problem Statement :

You are given a three integers X,N, and M. Your task is to find (X^N) % M. A^B is defined as A raised to power B and A%M is the remainder when A is divided by M.

Sample Input :

3 1 2

Sample Output :


Explanation :

X = 3, N = 1, and M = 2
X^N = 3¹ = 3
X^N %M = 3 % 2 = 1.
So the answer will be 1.

Sample Input :

4 3 10

Sample Output :


Explanation :

X = 4, N = 3, and M = 10
X^N = 4³ = 64
X^N %M = 64 % 10 = 4.
So the answer will be 4.

Approach :

Iterative Approach

In this solution, we will use binary exponentiation.

The idea here is to split N in powers of two by converting it into its binary representation to achieve answer in O(logN) steps.

For example if N = 7 and X = 8

The binary representation of N = 111

So 8⁷ can be calculated using multiplication 8⁴ , 8², 8

So in each step, we will keep squaring X and if N has a set bit its binary representation then we will multiply X to answer.

Steps :

Time Complexity : O(log N)
Space Complexity : O(1)

Code :

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Upskilling students for tech placements!

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