Hats and Genie Puzzle-Asked in Amazon interviews.


There are two tribes in Mars, Lie tribe and Truth Tribe.
Lie tribe always speaks lie, True tribe always speaks truth.

You meet three mars people and ask from the first Person:

Q: What tribe do you belong to?

He replies something in his language which you don’t understand.

Second person tells you that he is saying that he belongs to Lie Tribe.

Third person says that second person is lying.

What tribe does the third person belong to?

A) Truth Tribe

B) Lie Tribe

C) Can’t say

Solution: A is the solution

Lets assume that first person is from Truth tribe, then he will claim that he is from the truth tribe, in which case the second person is lying.Now assume that first person is from Lie tribe. Even then, he will say that he belongs to the truth tribe (as he is a liar), so second person is lying again in this case as well.
Thus third person is correct in both the scenarios, hence he belongs to Truth Tribe.

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Upskilling students for tech placements!

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